Community Fridge Niagara

Community Fridge Niagara

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Our community fridge is maintained completely by a crew of committed volunteers. Volunteering can include cleaning/disinfecting the fridge and pantry, picking up and dropping off bulk contributions from stores and community partners, as well as admin support with meetings, social media, and other opportunities! Fill out our volunteer form to join our team. 

How to Host a Fridge

We can’t wait to expand our network of community fridges! We’re always looking for new host site locations. We just need 6x3ft of accessible outdoor space with an exterior power supply, we’ll handle the rest! Let us know if you have a connection to somewhere that would be a good fit.

While our team of volunteers will take care of obtaining a fridge, building the shed, and maintaining the community fridge and pantry, we rely on supportive host sites to provide space and power. If you have a business or community space with an outdoor area large enough to accommodate a shed, please connect with us at