Community Fridge Niagara

Community Fridge Niagara

Fridge Contribution Guidelines

Yes Please

All packaged foods should be unopened & labeled with expiry and/or preparation dates.

  • Fresh/frozen fruits & vegetables
  • Bread & baked goods
  • Commercially cooked meat/seafood
  • Beverages
  • Frozen entrees
  • Dairy, eggs & plant based options
  • Non-perishable foods & snacks
  • Pet food
  • Personal care supplies
  • Food from certified kitchens (with name, ingredients & date)

No Thank You

Help us keep the community fridge safe & tidy. Do not leave items from this list in the fridge or pantry:

  • Raw or uncooked meat & seafood
  • Ungraded eggs
  • Unsealed Sliced/prepared produce
  • Home-cooked meals & leftovers
  • Opened or repackaged food
  • Alcohol, drugs or vitamins
  • Expired items
  • Damaged, wilted or rotten foods


Suggested Contributions

  • Fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Rice, pasta, noodles, grains
  • Dairy & non-dairy milks
  • Canned meat & fish
  • Canned veggies, beans, soup, chili
  • Dried legumes
  • Nuts, nut butters, snack foods
  • Yogurt & cheese
  • Oil, condiments, sugar, spices

Fridge Guidelines

  • Help us keep the fridge tidy
  • Only leave items we can accept
  • Review the ‘yes please’ & ‘no thank you’ food lists
  • Send us photos & updates when you visit the fridge
  • Let us know the foods you would like to see at the fridge
  • Be respectful of people at the fridge & give them space

Share an update!

Snap a photo of the inside of the fridge, freezer & pantry and share an update with us! 

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